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Be sure and visit us at www.wtowel.com to see our complete product line of dry linen washcloths, airline towels, quality warmers & pre-moistened, individually wrapped 100% cotton or synthetic towels!

Welcome to Airline-Towels from White Towel Services!

Give your passengers that "special" treatment they deserve! A hot towel during flight is the perfect way to let them know you care! Our Cabin Towels are perfect for large airlines or smaller, more personalized airplane travel.

Airline Hot Cabin Towel


Please see our VIP Luxury Towels - Less Waste and Higher ROI than a tray towel!

VIP Luxury
Airline Cotton Hot Towel

A steaming hot towel of the finest quality!

These high-quality, single use, VIP terry cotton cabin towels come pre-moistened and individually wrapped in a heat resistant serving wrap. They are available with essential oil scents: Lemon, Lavender, Peach/Mango or Unscented.

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